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November - Joan LaRocca
October - Kirkegaard

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Maggie Arndt
Gloria Coker
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November Featured Artist:
Joan LaRocca

Maggie Arndt

Gloria Coker

Mary Roberson

Lynn Stenzel

Hope Wang

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Message From The President  


The combined approach of the end of the year and the holiday season can put stress on a busy designer. Clients can become either hard to reach, hurried, or both. Budgets shift underfoot, time grows short, and juggling all the pieces of a project can get tense.

This can make a complicated job even more difficult. Why not let us help make it both simpler and easier? Relax and let one of our art consultants help you find the art you need, with the budget you have, in a timely manner. We'll provide as much help as you wish, and since we have the best tools in the business, the largest selection, and a great staff, you can count on a positive outcome.

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Richard Gipe


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New Additions

Aguilar Jr, Cande - Mixed Media,

Kelley Jr, Frank - Acrylic People

Ambler, Leaann - Watercolor, Animals

Kessel, David - Electronic Folk Art, Acrylic

Ambrose, John - Acrylic, Abstract

King, Sonny - Contemporary Illustrations, Oil

Avant, Ben - Oil ,People

Dunham, Mildred King - Acrylic, Wildlife

Babler, Marcia - Digital Print, Still Life

Kirkegaard  - Watercolor, Landscape

Balbes, Thelma - Digital, Botanical

Kofron, Mary Gebhart - Stone, People

Barnes, Mary - Watercolor, Botanical

Krisor, Raymond J - Acrylic, Botanical

Bartholomew, Martha -  Animals

Krueger, Wayne - Bronze, Wildlife

Baughman, Kathy - Mixed Media

Kunzer, Betsy A - Bronze, Wildlife

Beckles, Ken - Photograph

Larocca, Joan - Abstract, Watercolor

Benzev, Yaelle - Painting, Spiritual

Lashley, Christine - Oil, Nature

Berger, Pat - Arcrylic, Botanical

Lawless, Lisa - Acrylic, Abstract

Berglund, Ellyna - Pastels, Fantasy

Legg, Ann E - Pastel, Landscape

Bieber, Connie - Landscapes, Figurative

Leivan, Michelle - Acrylic, Impressionism

Bittleston, Misha - Painting

Lewis, Norma - Bronze, Abstract

Blandina, Pauline - Botanical

Long, Mary Ellen - Collage, Abstract

Boerema, Bert - Landscapes, Watercolor

Longfellow, George Robert - Oil, Landscape

Bogdanow, Michael - Painting, Spiritual

Lukic, Zoran - Digital, Abstract

Brearton, Jim - Oil, Wood

Lundquist, Britt - Photography, Limited Edition

Bressler, Danyale - Animal, Acrylic

Lyons, Marv - Photography, Open Edition

Bronson, Carol - Print, People

Mackey, Andrew Phillip - Acrylic, Spiritual

Bryan, Bernadette - Botanical, Digital

Mallari, Ambrosio - Oil, Landscape

Burney, Joanne - Pastels, Botanical

Marcell, Theresa - Oil, Abstract

Buskirk, Mary - Weaving, Landscape

Mariano, Joel F - Digital, Abstract

Cadogan, Selma - Oil, Landscape

Martin, Charleen - Collage, Expressionism

Cantor, Laura - Oil, People

Martin, Arlene - Botanical, Landscape

Caplinger, Chuck - Oil, Wildlife

Matcham, Marcia - Watercolor, Impressionism

Carr-Chaisson, Mary - Botanical

Lady, Dianne - Oil, Animals

Carstens, Valerie - Watercolor, Wildlife

Mcclintock, Carole - Oil, Landscape

Charlebois, Claude - Digital, Spiritual

Melendez, Miguel - Oil, Acrylic

Cheek, Linda - Pastel, Landscape

Merkley, Anne H - Painter & Sculptor

Clavet, France - Oil, Figurative

Meyer, Lois Gail - Acrylic, Abstract

Cohen, Michael -  Architecture

Mohr, Connie - Watercolor, Botanical

Collins, Carol (Cj) - Oil, Abstract

Moore, Susan - Oil, Impressionism

Costella, Cheryl - Oil, Botanical

Morel, Virgi - Botanical, Oil

Cougle, Betty - Oil, Wildlife

Morgan, Edith - Oil, Nature

Creel, Dixie - Acrylic, Figurative

Morgan, Lynn - Oil, Religion

Cross, Bill - Acrylic, Abstract

Morton, Myke - Botanical, Landscape

Dach, Jeffrey - Acrylic, Landscape

Muirhead, Romy - Acrylic, Landscape

Daley, Gail - Mixed Media, Landscape

Mundy, Jeffrey - Oil, Southwestern

Dalton Cowan, Stephanie - Mixed Media

Munson, Donald - Oil, Nature

Das, Jay - Watercolor, Figurative

Myers, Sharon - Clay, Portraits

Davis, Amy - Mixed Media, Watercolor

Neary, Carole - Acrylic, Abstract

Davis, Carlos - Photography, Landscape

Neff, Donald - Realism, Landscape

De Phillip, Sonia - Pencil, People

Pearson, Charmaine - Watercolor, Botanical

Dean, Jean - Acrylic, Abstract

Peck, Judith - Bronze, People

Deasy, Amelia - Historical

Pike, Joyce - Oil, Botanical

Delarosa, Louise - Oil, Landscape

Pinschmidt, Marie - Oil, Botanical

Dellas, Joy - Mixed Media, Cat

Porter, Patty - Oil Painter, Landscapes

Dennis, Anne - Watercolor, Botanical

Raines, Steve - Photography

Denton, Lynn - Acrylic,Abstract

Reed, Vikki - Watercolor, Landscapes,

Destiny, Diane - Photography Digital

Regan, Laura - Acrylic Painter, Wildlife

Dijoseph, Louis - Photograhy Montage

Reichow, Christine - Watercolor, Nature

Duncanson, Megan - Acrylic Fantasy

Rice, Jerry - Oil Painter, Realism

Dye, John - Acrylic Landscape

Robles, Michael - Realism Painter, Print

Easley, Jeff - Wood Abstract

Rogers, Rose - Oil Painter, Contemporary

Eubel, Karen - Abstract Watercolor

Rohrer, Lila - Abstract, Mixed Media

Fagan, Ellen - Watercolor Landscape

Rossi, Dorothy - Acrylic, Oils, Modern

Falls, Helen - Oil Landscape

Saxon, Philip - Watercolor, Abstract

Ferguson, Levon - Digital Abstract

Scarlat, Ion - Oil Painter, Figurative

Fichten, Daniel - Pastel Landscape

Schanche, Rick - Oil, Expressionism

Fisch, Robert O - Gouche Abstract

Schlouch, Deb - Mixed Media, Expressionism

Flores, Edward - Oil, Realism

Schmidt, Mary Jane - Acrylic, Abstract

Foster, Sheila - Giclee Animal

Shaffett, Richard - Acrylic, Landscape

Freeman, Elaine - Pastel Landscape

Shannon, Kay Lamb - Oil Painter, Realism

Freiman, Emily - Acrylic Botanical

Shapiro, Mimi - Mixed Media, Photography

Frey, Juliet - Digital Print Landscape

Sigberman, Rich - Mixed Media, Cubism

Ganek, Dorothy - Watercolor Botanical

Silvers, Bill - Acrylic, Wildlife Painter

Garner, Christine - Acrylic People

Simon, Linda - Oil Painting, Realism

Gleason, John - Sculpture Abstact

Simone, Yvette - Oil, Impressionism

Gorman, James - Digital Landscape

Smith, Prescott - Sculpture, Painting

Grammer, H. Scott - Mixed Media

Smith, Charles Roy - Realism, Historical

Stonerock, Sharon - Acrylic Landscape

Sneath, Holly - Pastel Painter, Realism

Green/Metzler, Linda J - Botanical

Solomon, Norma - Expressionism Painter,

Grimsley, Alice - Acrylic Landscape

Staples, Lois - Oil Painter, Realism

Grob, Laura - Photography Landscape

Stern, Nancy - Oil Painter, Contemporary

Gullage, M Tiffany - Oil People

Strieter, Joan - Oil Painter, Realism

Haddad, Andreana -  Botanical

Swan, Mark - Watercolor, Cont. Realism

Hall, Marge - Oil Botanical

Tate, Kent - Acrylic Painter, Impressionism

Hartwig, J Frank - Bronze Animal

Teitelbaum, Bonnie - Mixed Media, 

Hayes, Sharon M - Giclee People

Tetro, Bob - Photography, Phot-Realism

Henkel, Kay - Clay People

Thomsen, Richard - Watercolor, Realism

Henning, Rozan - Print Animals

Tiamson, Jovito - Oil Painter, Realism

Higdon, Susan Luckey - Acrylic, Aquatic

Till, Peggy - Watercolor Painter, Realism

Hochstedler, Jeff - Oil Architecture

Tompkins, Robert - Post-Impressionism

Hodges, David - Photograph Landscape

Trujillo, Jodi - Acrylic, Murals & Pastel

Hogan, Linda - Wood Abstract

Tuton, George - Mixed Media, Abstract

Holladay, Mary Kay - Still Life

Van Tempera, Helen - Oil, Impressionism

Horton, Robert - Airbrush, Acrylic

Wain, Erika - Oil, Photography, Abstract

Hudson, Frank - Pencil People

Wang, Hope - Oils, Acrylic, Impressionism

Jackson, Layne - Oil People

Washington, Alice - Oil, Abstract

Jackson, Lee - Watercolor Portrait

Weaver, David - Ink, Surrealism

Jackson, Ruth - Acrylic Landscape

Williams, William - Oil Painter, Realism

Jasper, Caroline - Oil Landscape

Wolfe, Rusty - Lacquer, Abstract

Jones, Herbert - Oil Nudes

Yeung, Kythrine - Contemporary Realism

Jordan, Sandra C - Oil Animals

Young, Robin - Stone Sculpture Realsim

Jordan, Doris - Pastel People

Zaelke, Ward - Abstract Painter, Oil

Kadish, Katherine - Oil Abstract

Zaitlin, Diane Bowie - Cont Expressionism

Kalick, Charles - Acrylic Abstract

Zaroff, Carolyn - Oil, Impressioinsm

Keating, Rick - Photography Landscape

Zeidman, Orit - Abstract Painter, Acrylic


Lattner (Zwissler), Suzi - Oil, Expressionism

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