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Joe Bachelor was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended Pasadena City College, and the Art Center College of Design majoring in illustration, with an emphasis in fine art painting. His artistic development was influenced by his contemporaries, as well as, the mural movement, which flourished during the time of the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Voracious sociability, masterful draftsmanship, and classical painting technique, lead Joe to his first commissions on feature films. And, to a seventeen year career painting large-scale commissions for hotels, restaurants, and casinos internationally). This mileage has served to enhance Joe’s productivity, and sense of style in his personal art.

With steady bread and butter work, Joe found that he could settle outside of the big city and begin the challege of developing a career with his own art. He settled down with his family on the central coast of California, about midway between Los Angeles and San Fransico. Once there he networked with other talented artist (some of whom were also expatriates from L.A.) and participated in many collaborative events. The County Arts Council had been appointed a new executive director who worked hard to promote the visual arts. After three years of “Studio tours” and exhibitions, Joe’s solo ground-breaking show of 200 drawings won him critical acclaim. The phenomenal reception to this experimental show has helped him to become a regionally known and highly collected artist.

Here are a few quotes from a tough art critic…

“In Joe Bachelor’s new show at eAfrica, many of his works, all of which bubble over with technical prowess; strike out for genius territory…”

“…that netherworld where ideas and technique come together to create inspiring works of amazing power.”

“Here is a master draftsman at work, the moment of contact between tool, media and surface endlessly compelling.”

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Throughout his career Joe has used his quick mind and deft abilities to assimilate multi-cultural influences, which he has translated into his journalistic renderings of parties, clubs and cultural events. These works make up Joe’s ongoing series called “The Party Seen.” The drawings of underground clubs, rave and reggae scenes focus on the many sub-cultures that weave the tapestry of modern society. Experience and travel has taught the artist that many seemingly provincial “scenes” are echoed internationally, and are the genesis of a true world culture. The signature style, for the “Party” paintings, is created by layering and burnishing wax-based prismacolor pencil on 100% rag board, to develop an encaustic finish, rendering his densely peopled, and richly illustrated pieces, as lasting works of art. Joe has been collaborating with fine art printmakers, on several limited edition prints from renderings in the “Party Seen” series. The prints are done with state of the art technology, materials that are the highest quality of industry standard, Acid free papers and permanent pigmented inks. These fine art prints are impeccable representations of the originals, and collectable works in their own right.

The series of “Texture Paintings” (sculptural busts on textured surfaces, layered and sanded to create fossilized stone-like finishes) explore the nature of mediums and materials, including oils, acrylics and latex.

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