Artist Biography 

I attempt to communicate my joy in life. If my images invoke a response, I have attained my goal!

Myrna Orsini has been a professional sculptor since 1985, and professional educator and certified teacher since 1969. She has participated in numerous international symposiums for stone sculpture, and won many awards for her work. Her work appears private, corporate and museum collections worldwide. In 1994 she created Monarch Sculpture Park, a non-profit corporation, in Olympia, Washington, US.


Worked with George Pratt. Vancouver, British Columbia. 1989.


Interned at Carlo Nicoli’s Marble Studio. Carrara, Italy. 1987


University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program. Cortona, Italy. Studied with Ted Metz. 1987


Internship at Valley Bronze Art Foundry. Joseph, Oregon. 1985.


M.A., University of Puget Sound. Tacoma, Washington. 1974


International Exhibitions:

"Rebirth." Solo Exhibition Tour: Sponsored by the Artist Union of Nikolaev. Nikolaev and Kiev, Ukraine. July through September 1993.


Gallery "Arka." Vilnius, Lithuania, July through August 1994.


Cultural exchange exhibitions sponsored by the Hungarian Multicultural Center, Budapest. Balatonfured and Budapest, Hungary. August 2004 through August 2005.


Solo Exhibitions:

"Faces of Eve." Pro Art Gallery, Gig Harbor, Washington. 1991.


"Man and Myth: Expressions of the Collective Consciousness." Kimzey-Miller, Seattle, Washington. 1990


"Orsini: A Retrospective." Papillon Gallery, Olympia, Washington. 2004


Monumental Sculptures:

"Triangles." Powder coated stainless steel. Monarch Sculpture Park. Olympia, Washington. 2003


"Pathways to Pride." Tenino sandstone, bronze. Five feet tall. Commissioned by Wing Luke Asian Museum for Hing Hay Park. Seattle, Washington. 2002


"Pick Up Sticks." Powder coated steel. Twentytwo feet tall. Monarch Sculpture Park. Olympia, Washington. 2001


"The Three Graces." Concrete. Fifteen feet tall.

Monarch Sculpture Park. Olympia, Washington. 2000


"The Gate." Ten-foot limestone and stainless steel sculpture. Created for Central Europas Parkas. Vilnius, Lithuania. 1994.


"Sunrise/Sunset." Seven-foot red granite sculpture. Vilnius, Lithuania. 1994.


"Bandura." Eight-foot limestone and brass sculpture. Created at Kiev International Stone Carving Symposium. Kiev, Ukraine. July/August 1993.


"Cat’s Cradle." Five-foot granite and stainless-steel mesh sculpture. Created at Central Europas Sculpture Park First International Symposium. Vilnius, Lithuania. July 1993.


"Affirmation." Four-by four-by eight-foot marble sculpture. Bellarmine Preparatory School, Tacoma, Washington. 1992


"Firebird." An eight-foot granite sculpture. Created at "Pleinair," First International Symposium for Sculptors of Stone. Nikolaev, Ukraine. May/June 1992


Recent Awards:

First Place Award for "The Gate," ten-foot limestone and stainless steel sculpture. Central Europas Parkas. 1994


"Excellence in Arts." Pierce County Arts Commission: 1993.


First Place Award for "Bandura," eight-foot limestone and brass sculpture. Given by Artists Union and Ministry of Arts of the Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine. 1993.


Owens Beach Promenade, Design Team member. Tacoma Washington. 1996-1997.


Sculptures featured on two pages of the Northwest Artists'''' Book of 2005.

Available Works

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