Artist Biography 

EVeryone has quirks and eccentiricities. I seem to be drawn to those, and it shows in my work.

Legendary pop entertainment icons such as Madonna, Bette Midler, Judy Garland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cher, James Dean, and Tina Turner are re-imagined by Tim Otte in bright acrylic paint, enriched with pastels, charcoal, pencil, and pigmented glazes.


Otte often surrounds his finished “Portraicatures” with solid, industrial-inspired frames which he designs and embellishes with steel spikes, nails, chains, ceramic spheres and hand painted metallic highlights in silver, copper, bronze, gold and pewter over rich black-lacquered wood.


Otte also paints colorful, tropical-inspired abstracts and impressionistic scenes of New England beach and sailing culture.


Otte was born, lived most of his life in, then finally left, southern Kansas. He holds a BA in Theatre from Southwestern College, and a BS in Journalism from the University of Kansas, where he also studied theatre and writing at the graduate level.


Graphic design, writing, marketing, public relations, marriage and child rearing diverted Otte’s attention until 2002, when he picked up canvas and brush once again. Since then he has focused on painting and expanding his most popular body of work, the pop celebrity series known as "Fab Faces," in which his sense of the theatrical is key.


The “Fab Faces” series has been shown and sold at several solo gallery exhibitions in South Florida and in New York City, at the Art Expo Trade show in NYC, and the 14th Street Framing Gallery in Chelsea. Otte and his “Fab Faces” have been featured in Art Business News magazine, CityLink Magazine, New York’s HX Magazine, and neighborhood and regional publications around the country.


Otte''s work has been commissioned and acquired by private collectors in South Florida/Miami, New York City, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Provincetown. In the Fort Lauderdale area, he has shown his work at Los Olas Art Gallery, Mind''s Eye Gallery, Art Expressions Gallery, Art Frenzie, and a number of specialty home decor stores. South Florida restaurants and nightclubs have shown his paintings and/or three-dimensional work (detailed below), and have purchased pieces as permanent features of their décor.


Crossing traditional art world boundaries, Otte also creates three-dimensional, site-specific art/sculpture, featuring found objects painted in metallic hues and assembled in fantastical, futuristic/industrial configurations which fuse the human form with electric machinelike gadgets and turbo/hydraulic gizmos, tubes and switches.


Interior designers and architects in South Florida and New York have enlisted Otte’s skills to provide their clients with original murals for walls and ceilings, ceramic tile mosaics, custom painted furniture, original artwork, and overall design consulting. Otte also accepts commissions to design and direct comprehensive interior projects for private clients and businesses. Past clients include Nokhu Restaurant and Lounge, Ma Tini Cabaret, Wilton Manors Mortgage, Circuit Nightclub and numerous residential clients in Fort Lauderdale; and Chelsea Pines Inn and Zinn’s Gym in New York City.


Otte has donated artwork for sale at auction to benefit charitable organizations in Fort Lauderdale and New York.

Available Works

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