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A Short Biography: Pat Ford

Pat Ford, an award winning artist and naturalist. Her paintings are included in many major collections. She is listed in Harold and Peggy Samuels' Contemporary Western Artists" and who’s Who, She was awarded Ducks Unlimited Golden Palette Award, chosen to be their Central Flyway Artist of the Year for the year 1989 and Texas Sponsor Artist of the Year. She has received many other awards, including full scholarships to Kansas City Art Institute, Tulsa University and Oklahoma University.

Very detailed in her approach to painting, painting each work of art with the softness and loveliness of her wildlife subjects. Pat has worked in her field for more than 30 years. Pat Ford is not a selfish artist; she has shared her art for the benefit of the animals that allowed her to do their portraits. Her contributions were made through a donated waterfowl painting and print program that covered a time period of ten years. With these contributions, her art raised $3,500,000.00 for Ducks Unlimited, an international waterfowl conservation society.

Many major corporations have contracted Pat to create and design promotional products for them. Such names as Anheuser Busch, Hallmark, Somerset House, Eberling & Reuse, Gerz of Germany and many others.

Profile of the Artist, Pat Ford, from the article "Freedom to Be", by Gina Runnels, Southwest Art 1979

Pat Ford is a truly authentic individual, influenced by all the roles that have fulfilled her unique life...that of mother, wife, and consummate artist. Her development as a naturalist artist came out of her own experience. "I married an outdoorsman. Instead of going to the opera or ballet, we went camping, raised horses and cattle...the boys were interested in wildlife, and we took care of many insured animals and birds." Of her art she says, "I'm doing what I do best and what I enjoy most. Ford not only brings her tremendous talent into each painting but also does textbook and field research on each animal she paints. Her dedication to factual detail takes her art one step beyond photorealism. Each painting takes about three weeks. Sometimes she will paint 18 hours a day, seven days a week. The rest of her time is spent in wildlife refuges and the many state parks taking photographs of the animals and their habitat.

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