Artist Biography 

As an artist I am engaged in an inner search for purity, an essence: indefinable through words – truth. It is a journey to my often elusive inner voice: clearer, more pure of knowing than the simple mind of the intellectual.

When I begin work on my abstract and nonobjective pieces, I stand and stare at the paper until, without thought, a choice is made. No hesitation; I take up my earthly goods – cobalts, cadmiums, finely distilled color, brushes of kolinsky sable, soft full goat hair, glowing paper of firmly pressed rag – the first quick strokes.

Inner promptings sound against the question: Is this true to the developing spirit of the piece? So…more weight?, cobalt blue here?, dry line?, wet on wet? Etc. Different materials might enter in: wax crayon, a bit of collage. Sometimes, early on, an image begins to emerge – a landscape, sky, canyon, bird - and that too becomes part of this process. Back and forth I go, maintaining an indefinable balance until that final yes and my piece is fully born.

The freshness, the wildness of watercolor has made it the most exciting of mediums for me. Like riding an untamed horse, it is a partnership requiring extreme wakefulness, a necessary element as I paint to clear some critical path, to learn, and to grow. Upon this wild horse I may charge against my preconceptions – veils before some certain truth.

Educational background
BFA Rhode Island School of Design
BA Fine Arts/design: University of Massachusetts
Workshop intensive: Milton Glazer
Further Studies: Masters of Landscape Architecture: University of Massachusetts
Bloomsbury Art Fest: Bloombury, NJ
Armonk Art Festival: Armonk, NY
State Art Festival: Ann Arbor, MI
Spirit of Art: Wilmington, DE
Mr. Gretna: Mt. Gretna, PA
Allentown Festival of the Arts: Buffalo, NY
Old Lyme Art Festival: Old Lyme, CT
Hart Gallery: Northampton, MA
Windham Art Gallery: Brattleboro, VT
Cousen Rose Gallery; Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Available Works

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