Artist Biography 

Freelance scenic photographer Suzanne Clemenz and her late husband Bob spent over 20 years travelling and photographing scenic areas together. From their home base amid the stunning red cliffs of Sedona, Arizona, they criss-crossed the U.S. and parts of Canada, Mexico and coastal Alaska, and also aimed their lenses at the natural beauties of Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and French Polynesia. Over 150 publishers still work with Suzanne Clemenz, whose home-based stock photo agency contains 25,000 large- and medium-format transparencies. Bob Clemenz was known for his work with 8 x 10" and 5 x 7" view (bellows-type)cameras. Kodak once leased an 8 x 10" Clemenz image which was enlarged to 30 x 50 feet for their Colorama display on New York City's Tmes Square. If you have needs for extra-large scenic images, there are topics from across the nation to choose from. Bob most frequently shot 4 x 5" images as his smallest and most agile camera size. Suzanne Clemenz has worked with 4 x 5" and medium format cameras, and now works exclusively with the Pentax 6x7 cm (2-1/4 x 2-3/4") format. Pulishers include ARIZONA HIGHWAYS, the American Automobile Assn. (AAA,) many national calendar companies, textbook and educational publishers, consumer and travel magazines, posters and postcard companies, and some advertising clients. The Art-Exchange images featured aren't even the tip of the iceberg of topics in the Clemenz' 25,000-image files, so inquire about additional images of the themes presented, or other themes such as regional photos of the U.S., lighthouses, covered bridges, southern plantations, national parks, the Canadian Rockies, deserts, wildflowers, mountains, redwood trees, missions, orchards, or other ideas you may have are among many possible solutions to your decor needs.

Available Works

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